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Finding Your Flow | What Women Need to T.H.R.I.V.E.

Let’s be real, our efforts to advance in our careers, maintain a healthy lifestyle, be good mothers or wives, and be active participants in our communities, has us longing for balance and a sense of flow. We struggle needlessly, because we’ve been taught by society to suppress the very thing that drives our creativity and productivity – our womanhood! 

The thing is, we are rhythmic creatures. We are designed by nature to be powerful leaders, and yet we give away our power day after day to a system that tells us we must push and scratch and fight to get ahead. We deny our own potent magic to be more of the same. And it’s not working. We’re tired.

In this powerful and inspiring presentation, Tiffany, through her own personal story, will illuminate how we’ve come to this moment as women in the workplace and subsequently, how we can find our way back to a rhythm that feels nourishing, vibrant, and energizing.  

It’s time to get out of survival mode and truly learn how to thrive. In this presentation, you’ll learn the six essential elements needed to T.H.R.I.V.E.:

Trust | A reliable support system, solid boundaries, connection to nature and a strong sense of self-efficacy is the foundation for greatness.

Heart | Love is the essence of who you are and what you do. It’s the center, the pulse, the point from where all creativity and power actualizes.

Rhythm | Our hormonal cycles and emotions are what make us unique creatures. As we attune to those powerful sources of energy, we can be more fully engaged in work and in life.

Intention | All worthy endeavors require the readiness, willingness and ability to step forward and commit to the journey ahead. Intention keeps us aligned with what is truly important.

Vision | The vision of every woman must align with the vision of her team and her organization, based on a system of shared values and purpose.

Empathy | At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships. It’s time we start supporting and empowering each other so we can create change together.


In this packed presentation, women will walk away with newfound knowledge and tools to support them in becoming the most powerful and radiant version of themselves, such as:


  • A deeper understanding of women’s hormonal rhythms and how to take energetic advantage of them.
  • A deeper alignment between women’s true north and their every day actions
  • A systematic approach to unhooking from survival mode and stepping into what Tiffany calls, “thrival” mode
  • A stronger intuition around when to take action and when to back off and listen  


  • Strategies for prioritizing time, setting strong boundaries, and creating a solid support system
  • Meditations and practices to support consistent alignment between values and actions  
  • Practices to help redirect energy during various phases of your hormonal cycles
  • Daily self-care techniques to help nourish the body, mind and soul
  • Physical and mental strategies to enhance creativity and productivity at work
  • Tools to help optimize personal flow and activate team flow

This is the presentation that is changing the game for working women across the world.

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