Choosing to T.H.R.I.V.E.

Thriving is a choice. Sovereignty is a choice. It is within your power to take action and align with your most authentic self.


The 6 Keys 

Establish TRUST

To trust is to have a firm foundation, clear boundaries, and a solid circle.  

  1. Create a nourishing “home.” Connect with the land where you live, honor your lineage, and create both an external and internal home that feels settling, nourishing, and stabilizing.  
  2. Establish clear boundaries. Set clear physical, mental, spiritual and emotional boundaries and honor them. Tune into how your body feels when you say yes and when you say no.
  3. Call in your circle. Cultivate a circle of trust around you and within you and call in your reliable and powerful support system.

Listen to your HEART

Our hearts have their own intelligence that allow us immediate access to our omniscient power and guidance.  

  1. Know what you love. Identify what is important to you and what you love. This leads to values and the capacity to take action based on what you truly cherish. 
  2. Tap into the intelligence. Spend time simply tuning into your heart. Place your hands on your heart and close your eyes and simply ask “what does my heart need right now?” Then listen for the answer. 
  3. Practice gratitude. Show others that you’re grateful. Expressing gratitude triggers dopamine and has been shown to optimize mental health.

Tune into your RHYTHM

Rhythm is essential to our feminine sovereignty. Without it, we will remain in the crash and burn mentality.  

  1. Immerse in nature. Witnessing and sensing external rhythms and cycles can help you access your own internal rhythms and cycles. Spend time with mother nature.
  2. Track your rhythms. Keep a journal of your energy levels, your sleep habits, your mind states, and your stress levels so you can recognize general patterns and make adjustments, 
  3. Tune into your breath. We can consciously shift our mind states and energy levels with different breathing techniques. Start with deep, diaphragmatic breathing and then move to varied practices like box breathing or alternate nostril breathing. 


All action begins with intention. And when we’re intentional, we act from a values-based perspective. 

  1. Establish mini rituals. At the transitional moments of your day, insert rituals that will help make the mundane more sacred and meaningful. 
  2. Be intentional with your hormonal cycles. Once you start tracking, then you can plan ahead for low or high energy levels, and be more intentional with your schedule and your nutrition and exercise behaviors.
  3. Align with the seasons. Each season has its own theme. As you attune more to these themes, you can be more intentional with the activities you do and witness how you show up in these different seasons.   

Clarify your VISION

A clear vision sets the tone for a life of thriving and leads to confidence, which drives you toward intentional action. 

  1. Identify your limiting beliefs. Old stories and patterns skew our vision. Dig deep to really uncover the nasty voices that keep you from accessing your greatness. Continue to ask “why?” 
  2. Visualize your life in detail. Imagine and write down your ideal life in detail to clarify the ‘what, why and how’ of your vision. Then, the Universe knows what to give you! 
  3. Create a cohesive vision. Spend time understanding individual visions and honing on the collective vision of your team, organization, and/or community. This will help you feel connected to a greater purpose and allow you the opportunity for growth and accountability.

Communicate with EMPATHY

At the end of the day, thriving is about being in relationship with each other; honoring our differences, building each other up, spreading love. 

  1. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. The only way we can empathize with each other is to get in their space and see through their eyes. Stay vulnerable and willing to be in the unknown. 
  2. Stay curious. Curiosity allows us to discover our biases and our boundaries and our opportunities for transformation. Create or find a safe space for real conversations to happen.
  3. Listen and ask better questions. Empathize through deep listening and compassion and ask questions that will help you understand yourself better. Be willing to be in hard conversations. 

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Coaching Packages


  • 3 months of coaching
  • Six women per group
  • Meet every two weeks
  • Accountability pods with intersession practices
  • Action implementation


  • 3 months of coaching
  • Meet every two weeks
  • Personalized strategies and accountability
  • Action implementation



  • 1:1 master training
  • Two days, 8 hrs/day
  • Indoor/nature setting
  • Personalized strategies and accountability  
  • Action implementation

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