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Inspiring and activating humans to tap into their creative power, hold themselves accountable, and live high performance lives in alignment with what they cherish most.

“Creating meaningful change starts with commitment. When you’re ready to take on the challenge, willing to cross the threshold into the unknown, and able to commit without question, this is when the journey truly begins.”

~T. Grimm



A leader becomes a true leader when they remember how to follow. Whether you need frequent nudges to stay your course or a full intrapersonal makeover to be a become the best version of you, the path of 1:1  or group accountability coaching will challenge you to let go of what you think you know and ensure that your inner warrior shows up every day.


Whether a trek through Patagonia, wine in Tuscany, or glamping in Colorado, Tiffany has an endless passion for creating connection and community through access to some of the earth’s most revered and magical places. When you merge yourself with nature and like-minded others, you can’t help but remember your essence.   


We are designed by nature to be powerful leaders, and yet we give away our power day after day to a system that tells us we must be something other than what we are in this moment. We deny our own potent magic to be more of the same. And it’s not working. It’s time to get out of survival mode and truly learn how to T.H.R.I.V.E.

I have been to a host of retreats and there is an art in holding space for an entire community in a way that the person leading the retreat doesn’t become the center of the experience. I have experienced very few of such guides and was not surprised (because Tiff is pure brilliance) but incredibly pleased to experience a community where the magic of each individual was honored; where synergy was found and where the divine spoke through each one of us in unique ways. As a mama of twins who really needed some time to connect with SELF, the retreat gave me a space to do just that and to listen to my own wisdom; embrace my new identity AND my divinity. I am stronger and more steadfast because I had and continue to have this community for life. If you are considering taking a retreat with Tiffany, jump at the opportunity. Just being in her presence is healing.


Retreat Participant, Mentor

I felt much better after our call and had a positive end of the week. Pulled off some incredibly intense brand presentations and utilized the team more. A lot of what our conversations do is help me fire my neurons in ways I typically wouldn’t and I need to keep building that muscle until it becomes a reflex. So I appreciate the questions you ask keep them coming because you are showing me there is a better way to do things. Appreciate your help!!!


CEO, Coaching Client

It was a delight to watch Tiffany Grimm’s presentation on wellness at Intel. Tiffany brought a fresh new perspective on how to make purposeful time for yourself and not let yourself burnout. She talks about the decade of discovery and I really enjoyed listening to her personal stories and how she found herself. I appreciate her advice on clear intentions and focusing on the mind.


Intel Employee

It was my first time attending a retreat like this and it was more beneficial than I could have expected. It was a safe space to allow me to feel and begin more fully processing deep pains, and it gave me an opportunity to reflect and feel supported and challenged in meaningful, loving ways by other mothers. While all of us mothers have different, unique stories and backgrounds, we also all shared many common threads that wove us together into a tapestry of sisterhood and support that enveloped the entire experience.


Retreat Participant

Meet Tiffany 


Tiffany’s humorous flair and down-to-earth approach have her audiences laughing and crying and her clients deeply contemplating the essence of what makes them thrive. Having played collegiate sports, competed in 600-mile expedition adventure races and spent the last nine years in a high performance industry, Tiffany’s familiarity with burnout is real.

In her twenties, a host of health issues inspired her to seek healing and harmony within her own body and rediscover herself before having her first child at age 38. With a sports medicine degree from Pepperdine, a decade of studying culture and therapeutic modalities in over 25 countries, in conjunction with in-depth research of indigenous earth wisdom and mindfulness practices, Tiffany brings the best of western and holistic medicine to the conversation.

In her current role as Sr. Director of Learning and Development for EXOS, one of the leading companies in human performance, she’s no stranger to optimizing your flow in the workplace and in life. Tiffany’s carefree nature and authentic presence inspires people to go deep, see their own greatness, and laugh at their own humanness. Her tokens of wisdom from travel, apprenticeship and her career come to life in a raw, powerful, and intentional way that connects directly with the heart of the matter.

Photo: Rachael Grace Photography

Tiffany has the power to inspire, motivate, and transform through her words. While listening to her speak, I was able to draw immediate and important connections.  With the way she paints a clear vision and pathway forward, she really knows how to set the mood, and leads you on an adventure towards positive change. Through the techniques I’ve learned from Tiffany, I’ve been able to actively shift my mindset, and consistently set my own goals and achieve them through a defined plan of action.


Event Participant


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